CJSCM series

  • Chip common mode filter for large current applications


  • Compatible with high-density portable devices, with low height and small size


  • Noise countermeasure for adapter lines and battery lines or larger electronic equipment


  • 100% Lead Free and meet RoHS criteria
 Type CJSCM 0706H  CJSCM 0907H   CJSCM 1211H
 Size  7.0x6.0x3.8mm  9.0x7.0x4.8mm  12.0x10.8x6.4mm
 Impedance  70~1,300Ω  300~2,700Ω  700~1,000Ω
 Q'TY/Reel  1,500pcs 700pcs  500pcs 
 TypeCJSCM 0706H CJSCM 0907H  CJSCM 1211H
 Size 7.0x6.0x3.8mm 9.0x7.0x4.8mm 12.0x10.8x6.4mm
 Impedance 70~1,300Ω 300~2,700Ω 700~1,000Ω
 Q'TY/Reel 1,500pcs700pcs 500pcs