About us

Coiltex Electronics Co., Ltd. –  The Professional manufacturer for various kinds of passive component, such as SMD type of inductor(SMD Power Inductors / High current inductor) also known as Surface Mount Inductor / Power Inductor / High current power inductor, Through hole inductor (Radial leaded inductor), Common mode choke. We also consistently improving quality of products and aims to offer various choices to customers. Provides various types of power inductor, magnetic and inductive to our customers with the best service and value is our vision.  
Surface mount power inductor includes- Shielded inductor(Shielded power inductor), Non-shielded inductor(Unshielded inductor), Semi-shielded inductor, High current inductor (Molded power choke), Magnetic shielded Inductor, Power Inductor and SMD Common mode choke. Through hole inductor includes (Pin type inductor)- Toroidal inductor, Radial leaded inductor, Common mode choke, Choke coils, Power choke coils, RF chokeTelecom transformer and High frequency transformer
Coiltex performs prompt delivery , competitive price and reliable quality. We also continuous improve to exceed customer’s expectation and be the best partner for coils.