CPJTP series

  • Superior in saturation for surface mount technology


  • High current rating for high current circuits


  • Designed with special lead wire to prevent open circuit failure


  • Excellent terminal strength structure
 Type CPJTP 0315 CPJTP 0302  CPJTP 0703  CPJTP 0705  CPJTP 1004 CPJTP 1005 CPJTP 0403 CPJTP 0504
 Size 3.5x3.0x1.6mm 3.5x3.0x2.3mm 7.8x7.0x3.5mm 7.8x7.0x5.0mm 10.0x9.0x4.0mm 10.0x9.0x5.4mm 4.5x4.0x3.2mm 5.8x5.2x4.5mm
 Inductance 2.20~100.0μH 10.0~390.0μH 10.0~330.0μH 10.0~470.0μH 10.0~560.0μH 10.0~1000.0μH 1.00~68.0μH 10.0~220.0μH
 Q'TY/Reel 3,000pcs 3,000pcs  1,000pcs  1,000pcs  500pcs 500pcs 1,500pcs 1,500pcs
 TypeCPJTP 0315CPJTP 0302 CPJTP 0703 CPJTP 0705 CPJTP 1004CPJTP 1005CPJTP 0403CPJTP 0504
 Q'TY/Reel3,000pcs3,000pcs 1,000pcs 1,000pcs 500pcs500pcs1,500pcs1,500pcs