CPJK series

  • Designed for the compact size with high performance, high energy storage and very low resistance


  • Very small foot print


  • Designed with special lead wire to prevent open circuit failure
 Type CPJK 0802 CPJK 0804  CPJK 0810  CPJK 1306 
 Size 13.5x9.5x3.0mm 13.5x9.5x5.5mm 13.5x9.5x11.5mm 18.54x15.4x7.5mm
 Inductance 10.0~100.0μH ±20% 3.30~470.0μH ±20% 10.0~1000.0μH ±20% 10.0~1000.0μH ±20%
 Q'TY/Reel 1,000pcs 1,000pcs  250pcs  250pcs 
TypeCPJK 0802CPJK 0804 CPJK 0810 CPJK 1306 
 Inductance10.0~100.0μH ±20%3.30~470.0μH ±20%10.0~1000.0μH ±20%10.0~1000.0μH ±20%
 Q'TY/Reel1,000pcs1,000pcs 250pcs 250pcs