CPJI/M series

  • High performance (Isat) realized by metal dust core.


  • Performance low resistance, high current rating


  • Low loss realized with low DCR


  • Frequency range up to 1MHz.


  • 100% Lead Free and meet RoHS criteria
Type CPJI 0312M  CPJI 0302M  CPJI 0412M  CPJI 0418M  CPJI 0402M  CPJI 0515M  CPJI 0518M  CPJI 0503M  CPJI 0612M  CPJI 0615M 
Size  3.5x3.2x1.0mm  3.5x3.2x1.8mm  4.45x4.06x1.0mm  4.45x4.06x1.6mm  4.45x4.06x1.8mm  5.7x5.2x1.3mm  5.7x5.2x1.6mm  5.7x5.2x2.8mm  7.0x6.6x1.0mm 7.0x6.6x1.3mm
Inductance  0.47~10.0μH 0.10~10.0μHH  0.10~22.0μH  0.56~10.0μH 0.10~22.0μH  0.12~22.0μH  0.20~15.0μH  0.10~33.0μH  0.10~22.0μH  0.10~33.0μH 
Q'TY/Reel   4,000pcs  3,000pcs  4,000pcs  3,000pcs  3,000pcs  3,500pcs  3,000pcs  2,000pcs  3,000pcs  2,000pcs
Type CPJI 0618M CPJI 0624M  CPJI 0603M  CPJI 0604M  CPJI 0605M  CPJI 1004M  CPJI 1005M  CPJI 1235M  CPJI 1205M  CPJI 1206M  CPJI 1265M
Size  7.0x6.6x1.6mm  7.3x6.6x2.2mm  7.3x6.6x2.8mm  7.3x6.6x3.8mm  7.3x6.6x4.8mm  11.0x10.0x3.8mm  11.0x10.0x4.8mm  13.5x12.5x3.3mm  13.5x12.5x4.8mm 13.5x12.5x5.7mm 13.5x12.5x6.2mm
Inductance  0.10~33.0μH 0.10~22.0μH  0.10~47.0μH  0.12~47.0μH 0.10~68.0μH  0.15~82.0μH  0.22~100.0μH  0.33~33.0μH  0.20~82.0μH  0.47~220.0μH  0.15~100.0μH 
Q'TY/Reel   2,000pcs  1,500pcs  1,000pcs  1,000pcs  800pcs  500pcs  500pcs  500pcs  500pcs  500pcs  500pcs
TypeCPJI 0312M CPJI 0302M CPJI 0412M CPJI 0418M CPJI 0402M CPJI 0515M CPJI 0518M CPJI 0503M CPJI 0612M CPJI 0615M CPJI 0618MCPJI 0624M CPJI 0603M CPJI 0604M CPJI 0605M CPJI 1004M CPJI 1005M CPJI 1235M CPJI 1205M CPJI 1206M CPJI 1265M
Size 3.5x3.2x1.0mm 3.5x3.2x1.8mm 4.45x4.06x1.0mm 4.45x4.06x1.6mm 4.45x4.06x1.8mm 5.7x5.2x1.3mm 5.7x5.2x1.6mm 5.7x5.2x2.8mm 7.0x6.6x1.0mm7.0x6.6x1.3mm7.0x6.6x1.6mm 7.3x6.6x2.2mm 7.3x6.6x2.8mm 7.3x6.6x3.8mm 7.3x6.6x4.8mm 11.0x10.0x3.8mm 11.0x10.0x4.8mm 13.5x12.5x3.3mm 13.5x12.5x4.8mm13.5x12.5x5.7mm13.5x12.5x6.2mm
Inductance 0.47~10.0μH0.10~10.0μH0.10~22.0μH0.56~10.0μH0.10~22.0μH0.12~22.0μH0.20~15.0μH0.10~33.0μH0.10~22.0μH0.10~33.0μH0.10~33.0μH0.10~22.0μH 0.10~47.0μH0.12~47.0μH0.10~68.0μH0.15~82.0μH0.22~100.0μH0.33~33.0μH0.20~82.0μH0.47~220.0μH0.15~100.0μH
Q'TY/Reel  4,000pcs 3,000pcs 4,000pcs 3,000pcs 3,000pcs 3,500pcs 3,000pcs 2,000pcs 3,000pcs 2,000pcs 2,000pcs 1,500pcs 1,000pcs 1,000pcs 800pcs 500pcs 500pcs 500pcs 500pcs 500pcs 500pcs