CPJH series

  • CPJH 07/12 Series is superior to be high saturation for surface mounting


  • Magnetic shielding


  • Very small footprint


  • Increased size selection guide


  • Low resistance to keep minimum power loss


  • Flat-top for pick and place
 Type CPJH 0703 CPJH 0704  CPJH 1205  CPJH 1207  CPJH 1209 
 Size 7.3x7.3x3.2mm 7.3x7.3x4.5mm 12.0x12.0x6.0mm 12.0x12.0x8.0mm 12.0x12.0x10.0mm
 Inductance 10.0~1000.0μH 10.0~1000.0μH 1.30~1000.0μH 1.00~1000.0μH 1.00~330.0μH
 Q'TY/Reel 1,000pcs 1,000pcs  500pcs  500pcs  250pcs 
 TypeCPJH 0703CPJH 0704 CPJH 1205 CPJH 1207 CPJH 1209 
 Q'TY/Reel1,000pcs1,000pcs 500pcs 500pcs 250pcs