CPJD series

  • High saturation for surface mount technology


  • Ultra thin and compact design


  • Large DC current with low resistance


  • Magnetic shielding with high current rating inductor
 Type CPJD 0315 CPJD 0402  CPJD 0403  CPJD 0503  CPJD 0603  CPJD 0604  CPJD 1004 
 Size 3.8x3.8x1.8mm 4.7x4.7x2.0mm 4.7x4.7x3.0mm 5.7x5.7x3.0mm 6.7x6.7x3.0mm 6.7x6.7x4.0mm 10.0x10.1x3.8mm
 Inductance 3.30~47.0μH @100MHz 1.00~39.0μH @100MHz 1.20~180.0μH @100MHz 2.50~100.0μH @10MHz 3.00~100.0μH @10MHz 3.30~100.0μH @10MHz 10.00~330.0μH @100MHz
 Q'TY/Reel 2,000pcs 2,000pcs  2,000pcs  1,000pcs  1,000pcs  1,000pcs  500pcs 
 TypeCPJD 0315CPJD 0402 CPJD 0403 CPJD 0503 CPJD 0603 CPJD 0604 CPJD 1004 
 Inductance3.30~47.0μH @100MHz1.00~39.0μH @100MHz1.20~180.0μH @100MHz2.50~100.0μH @100MHz3.00~100.0μH @100MHz3.30~100.0μH @100MHz10.00~330.0μH @100MHz
 Q'TY/Reel2,000pcs2,000pcs 2,000pcs 1,000pcs 1,000pcs 1,000pcs 500pcs